Weleda was founded in Switzerland in 1921. They believe that people are part of nature and the brand is fully committed to carefully creating formulations that work in harmony with your body to support your skin's natural functionality. Weleda's products still hold iconic status today due to their naturally-derived formulas that recognize powers of the holistic world to help you balance your mind, body and spirit.

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Weleda Skincare Products

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Weleda Skin Food 75ml
Weleda Skin Food 75ml

Green Weleda Rosemary Hair Tonic bottle
Weleda Rosemary Hair Tonic

Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm boxWeleda Skin Food Lip Balm
Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm

Weleda Pomegranate Serum bottleWeleda Pomegranate Serum
Weleda Pomegranate Serum

Weleda Skin Food Body Lotion bottle
Weleda Skin Food Body Lotion

Provide your skin with long-lasting moisture and intensive nourishment with Weleda Skin Food Body Lotion. Formulated with a blend of skin-protecting organic Sunflower Seed Oil and Shea Butter, this rich body lotion restores and hydrates,...

Weleda Skin Food Body Butter tub
Weleda Skin Food Body Butter

Weleda Lip BalmWeleda Lip Balm
Weleda Lip Balm

Green Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil bottleWeleda Birch Cellulite Oil
Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil

Pink Weleda Wild Rose Day Cream tubeWeleda Wild Rose Day Cream
Weleda Wild Rose Day Cream

Weleda One Step Cleanser & Toner bottle
Weleda One Step Cleanser & Toner

Weleda Gentle Cleansing Foam bottle
Weleda Gentle Cleansing Foam

Green Weleda Arnica Massage Oil bottleWeleda Arnica Massage Oil
Weleda Arnica Massage Oil

Ideal for athletes, Weleda Arnica Massage Oil is a completely natural oil that is perfect when applied before or after exercise to stimulate healthy blood flow and relax muscles to help protect against cramps, muscle...

Weleda Pomegranate Facial Oil bottleWeleda Pomegranate Facial Oil
Weleda Pomegranate Facial Oil

Weleda Purifying Gel Cleanser tube
Weleda Purifying Gel Cleanser

Weleda Wild Rose Night Cream tube Weleda Wild Rose Night Cream
Weleda Wild Rose Night Cream

Weleda Stretch Mark Oil bottleWeleda Stretch Mark Oil
Weleda Stretch Mark Oil

Weleda Pomegranate Hand Cream tubeWeleda Pomegranate Hand Cream
Weleda Pomegranate Hand Cream

Blue Weleda Almond Facial Oil bottleWeleda Almond Facial Oil
Weleda Almond Facial Oil

Weleda Pomegranate Eye Cream tubeWeleda Pomegranate Eye Cream
Weleda Pomegranate Eye Cream

Pink Weleda Almond Cleansing Lotion tubeWeleda Almond Facial Cream
Weleda Almond Facial Cream

Blue Weleda Men's Shaving Cream tube
Weleda Men's Shaving Cream

Weleda Iris Night Cream tube
Weleda Iris Night Cream

Blue Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk bottleWeleda Gentle Cleansing Milk
Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk

Weleda Iris Day Cream tube
Weleda Iris Day Cream

Weleda Skin Food tube
Weleda Skin Food 30ml

Weleda SOS Spot Treatment tubeWeleda SOS Spot Treatment
Weleda SOS Spot Treatment

Blue Weleda Refining Toner bottle
Weleda Refining Toner

Pink Weleda Almond Cleansing Lotion tubeWeleda Almond Cleansing Lotion
Weleda Almond Cleansing Lotion

Weleda Refining Lotion tubeWeleda Refining Lotion
Weleda Refining Lotion

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Green Weleda Arnica Muscle Soak bottle
Weleda Arnica Muscle Soak


Why Is The Weleda Skin Food A Bestseller?

This moisturiser takes hydration to the next level! Whether you need to soothe irritation or you have a rough dry patch that need a hit of nourishment, Weleda Skin Food has got you covered. Formulated with an intense blend of extracts of gentle viola tricolor, calendula and chamomile, all packed into a rich, thick paste of plant oils and beeswax.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get ready to experience the ultimate moisturiser to alleviate dry, rough skin everywhere. Specifically designed to nourish and repair your skin's natural protective barrier this bestselling moisturiser provides rough patches on your face, elbows, hands and feet with an intense hit of hydration.

Yes, all Weleda's natural and organic products are cruelty-free. Weleda has never tested any of their ingredients for their products on animals at any point during the production processed. Due to obtaining international packaging, Weleda products contain and NATRUE symbol on their packaging - NATRUE are against animal testing.

Weleda do have a vegan range however some of their other products do contain animal derived ingredient, therefore, they do not label as a vegan brand.