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For more than three quarters of a century, Olverum has been creating indulgent spa-like bath time experiences. Their formula remains largely unchanged from the original one, created in 1929 Germany by Franz O. Klein I, an affluent wine merchant. The therapeutic blend of natural essential oils soothe both the body and mind, relaxing the muscles and evaporating everyday stresses and tensions. The iconic Olverum bath oil is a surefire staple for your bathroom if you're looking to perfect your night time bath routine. 

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Olverum Bath Oil 250mlOlverum Bath Oil 250ml
Olverum Bath Oil 250ml

This bath oil soothes aching muscles, clears congested sinuses and relieves tensions to leave you feeling mentally and physically relaxed.

Olverum Bath Oil 125mlOlverum Bath Oil 125ml
Olverum Bath Oil 125ml

Olverum Bath Oil 60mlOlverum Bath Oil 60ml
Olverum Bath Oil 60ml

Olverum The Dry Body OilOlverum The Dry Body Oil
Olverum The Dry Body Oil

Olverum Discovery BoxOlverum Discovery Box
Olverum Discovery Box

Olverum Bath Oil Travel SetOlverum Bath Oil Travel Set
Olverum Bath Oil Travel Set

Olverum Bath Salts tubOlverum Bath Salts
Olverum Bath Salts

Olverum The Body OilOlverum The Body Oil
Olverum The Body Oil

A rich and nourishing oil to leave skin smooth, plumped and rejuvenated with Olverum The Body Oil.

Olverum Body Cleanser 250mlOlverum Body Cleanser 250ml
Olverum Body Cleanser 250ml

Olverum Body Cleanser 100mlOlverum Body Cleanser 100ml
Olverum Body Cleanser 100ml

Olverum Firming Body Oil 30ml bottle
Olverum Firming Body Oil 30ml

Olverum Bath Oil 15ml bottleOlverum Bath Oil 15ml
Olverum Bath Oil 15ml

Olverum Purifying Hand WashOlverum Purifying Hand Wash
Olverum Purifying Hand Wash

Olverum Body PolishOlverum Body Polish
Olverum Body Polish

Olverum Facial OilOlverum Facial Oil
Olverum Facial Oil

Olverum Soothing Hand LotionOlverum Soothing Hand Lotion
Olverum Soothing Hand Lotion


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