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Plump up your locks with the best volumising hair products on the market

Looking to add a little va-va-voom to your tresses? Our collection of professional styling products for hair volume will add vitality and bounce to fine hair, letting you ramp up the volume without compromising your hair health.

From volume-boosting shampoos to styling sprays, give your hair more density and plumpness whilst veiling your locks with moisture, shine, and hydration. Shop your favourite fine hair products today and enjoy healthy, thicker-looking hair.

If you’re unsure about what haircare products would suit your hair type, you can call our haircare experts on 0113 282 7744, email them at, or complete our online real-time hair test for a complete haircare routine suited to your hair type and concerns.

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Paul Mitchell Firm Style Dry Wax 50g
Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Boost 250ml
Open Box containing 5 vessels of AQ Skin Solutions GF Advanced Hair Complex +AQ Skin Solutions GF Advanced Hair Complex +
AQ Skin Solutions GF Advanced Hair Complex +

Acts on the scalp to nourish and repair hair follicles, allowing for normal, healthy hair growth.


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Revitalash Thickening ShampooRevitalash Thickening Shampoo
Revitalash Thickening Shampoo

Thickening treatment shampoo to nourish both the hair and scalp.

O&M Fine Intellect Shampoo bottleO&M Fine Intellect Shampoo
O&M Fine Intellect Shampoo

O&M Fine Intellect ConditionerO&M Fine Intellect Conditioner
O&M Fine Intellect Conditioner

Revitalash Thickening ConditionerRevitalash Thickening Conditioner
Revitalash Thickening Conditioner

Optimise scalp health, helping to thicken, nourish and hydrate hair.

Green Weleda Rosemary Hair Tonic bottle
Weleda Rosemary Hair Tonic

K18 PEPTIDE PREP Detox ShampooK18 PEPTIDE PREP Detox Shampoo
K18 PEPTIDE PREP Detox Shampoo

O&M Rootalicious Root Lift bottleO&M Rootalicious Root Lift
O&M Rootalicious Root Lift

Revitalash Volume Enhancing FoamRevitalash Volume Enhancing Foam
Revitalash Volume Enhancing Foam

Deliver intense volume, nourish the scalp and improve the appearance of fine and thinning hair for men and women.

Olaplex Volumizing Blow Dry Mist bottleOlaplex Volumizing Blow Dry Mist
Olaplex Volumizing Blow Dry Mist


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